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K A Oldham Design, Inc. is a studio-based architectural Design firm in Newnan, Georgia.

Our experience speaks for itself – We’ve got a solid track record of tackling intricate building and master plan projects that showcases our expertise. We take pride in being a key player in teams that successfully deliver on these projects.

In the spring of 1997, after gaining extensive project experience in large international ventures with a multinational firm based in Atlanta, Kip Oldham decided to venture out and establish his own local architectural design practice. That decision gave birth to K A Oldham Design, Inc, initially a one-man operation in the spare bedroom of a quaint house in historic Newnan, Georgia.

Since our inception, KAOD has had the privilege of engaging in a diverse range of projects that have made positive impacts on local communities and garnered recognition throughout the Southeast. We’ve experienced steady growth in both staff and revenue. Today, KAOD comprises a highly skilled and creatively talented team that takes pride in adding value to the projects we undertake and delivering exceptional service to our clients.



We believe our successful participation is based on our ability to provide value to the project aesthetically, functionally, and financially. We also endeavor to encourage progress and reduce barriers to a project’s completion.


We find that our role as an architect is enhanced and adds value to a project when we encourage creativity, not only in the aesthetics of a project, but in effective problem solving throughout the design and construction process.


We earnestly respect the importance of collaboration between the owner or the client, the contractor, and the professionals on the project team. We pride ourselves in being exceptional communicators and facilitators to foster this cooperation.


KAOD has been fortunate to have a very strong repeat client base. We believe that this is due to the attributes listed above as well as other contributions that we are able to make to our projects. We believe that our clients return to us because we find ways of exceptionally meeting their needs and delivering successful projects each time we are called upon.

KAOD’s Whole Project Design Strategy

Whenever it makes sense, KAOD is all about taking the lead in a process that covers every aspect of what our clients want. We dig into the nitty-gritty, pinpointing challenges and needs that might’ve slipped through the cracks. Making this happen means viewing a project as a cohesive set of goals and activities.

The Whole Project design strategy taps into the knowledge of everyone involved, from defining the project or action, all the way through planning, design, construction, building use, and even possible operational impacts. It’s about considering the whole picture across the entire project lifecycle.

Our Integrated Design Approach

In the initial phases of the process, the Integrated Design Approach engages all members of the client’s stakeholder community and the professional planning, design, and construction team to collectively consider the project objectives in a comprehensive manner.

KAOD takes a leading role in steering the Integrated Design Approach process by formulating a set of objectives that serve as guiding principles for expectations and solutions. We articulate goals for an effective project development process that encompasses seven distinct elements. Our aim is to derive a creative solution that harmoniously integrates Aesthetic/Visual Quality, Cost-Effective Solutions, Functional/Operational Planning, Experiential Quality, Functional Accessibility, Responsible Sustainability, and Safety and Security.

Our Team



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Cole Bridges

Brittany Evans

Kaitlyn Williamson

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"The problem we were trying to solve was impossible. We desperately needed another architect. And no firms really do that."

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"KAOD stands out from other options. Kip has an attitude , let's get this done."

Tim Symonds – Watch Video Testimonial

"One of the things that exceeded our expectations was that they were very personal with us."

Craig Kingston – Watch Video Testimonial

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