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KAOD offers specialty consulting services to help clients prevent issues before a design begins. We also can consult with you and help solve problems once a project is underway regardless of who designs it.

Architectural projects are typically complex, and unforeseen issues sometimes develop, even when the best planning practices are being implemented.

At KAOD we’re experts at solving design problems in a collaborative way to keep projects on track.

We are often brought in by a potential client to brainstorm about a future project before the design team is in place. We’ve helped all kinds of clients evaluate their options before a project takes shape. This type of project consulting helps a client weigh and evaluate their options and consider alternatives to start out on the best course.

Sometimes, we are brought in as a consultant to solve problems once a project is underway and a design team is in place. In this role, we work to collaboratively resolve issues in a manner that is fair to all parties and get the project back on track.

Over the years, we’ve provided project consulting services to a broad range of clients to either prevent problems before a project has started or solve issues once a project is underway. Please keep us in mind as a design resource for future projects or to solve problems on current projects.

We work tirelessly to deliver a superior client experience. By making listening to and understanding our client’s needs a top priority we ensure you have the outcome you desire.

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