“In my experience as a commercial Realtor, I can personally attest to the excellent repuation of Kip Oldham and his team at K.A. Oldham Design. They are first class all the way. This is who you hire if you were doing the work yourself.”

John P. Thrasher, Commercial Realtor

John P. Thrasher

“Kip has a truly awe inspiring ability to manage relationships & make connections that are mutually beneficial for all those involved especially when it comes to assembling the right team of people from a technical & personality standpoint to provide the team with not only the best project design, but also a facility that will stand the test of time.”

Principal, Gardner Spencer Smith Tench & Jarbeau, P.C.

David W. Tench

“Kip Oldham is a well organized, hard working and intense architect with a strong character. Having the pleasure of working with Kip on many projects, the pride he shows in the design and construction of each job is clearly evident. He shows great attention to detail and has turned out many wonderful projects. It is my honor to continue to work with Kip and his firm for many years to come.”

Denese Traynor
Commercial Architectural Sales Rep at Alley-Cassetty Brick & Stone

Denese Traynor

“It is always a joy to work with Kip and his team.  The projects  KAOD undertakes are always a little out of the ordinary which makes them extremely fulfilling when successfully completed”

Thomas Crymes, President
Tomco Construction

Thomas Crymes