August 8th, 2017

How KAOD Uses an Integrated Design Approach

In the formative stages of the project process, the Integrated Design Approach asks all members of the client’s stakeholder community and the professional planning, design, and construction team to look at the project objectives as a comprehensive whole. These will initially be based on the stakeholder expectations, clients budgetary constraints, and physical limitations of the context.

Define Project Goals and Fundamental Design Elements

Definition of project goals in this case will also include influences of various associated community groups and operational necessities. Fundamental elements of the project such as contextual impacts, visual aesthetics, service provision, building materials, systems, assemblies and functionality goals should be investigated from many different perspectives to define creative solutions.

Collecting and Reviewing Ideas and Input

Solutions derived from these perspectives can be merged together in a manner that meets as many objectives as possible in creative and responsible ways. The collection and collaboration of different understandings and points of view from talented and experienced consulting professionals, knowledgeable client representatives and interested community members will reinforce the possibilities of a successful project, as well as increase assurance of an investment of time and resources with a lasting value.

How the Charrette Process Enhances Collaboration

A charette is an organized, focused and collaborative brainstorming session. This should minimally be held at the beginning of the project and may be advantageous at other points in the design process. A charrette encourages an exchange of ideas and information and allows truly integrated design solutions to take form. Participants are encouraged to contribute to and address problems beyond their field of expertise.

When are Charrettes Most Helpful?

The charrette is particularly helpful in complex situations where many people represent various sets of needs and concerns. Participants are educated about the issues and their resolution enables them to “buy into” the schematic solutions. The goal of this exercise is not to form a final solution but to identify and address design opportunities in a comprehensive inclusive manner.

Establishing Design Objectives

KAOD will lead the Integrated Design Approach process by establishing a set of 7 design objectives to guide expectations and solutions. We define goals for an effective project development process that considers the following seven elements and attempts to arrive at a creative solution that allows them to exist in concert with each other. They will be categorized as Aesthetic/Visual Quality, Cost-Effective Solutions, Functional/Operational Planning, Experiential Quality, Functional Accessibility, Responsible Sustainability, and Safety and Security.

Next, Learn About the Benefits of Using Integrated Team Tactics

To learn more about KAOD’s project process, see our previous post on the Whole Project Design Process and our next post on the benefits of using Integrated Team Tactics.

If you are considering designing or constructing a new project or building, please contact us to discuss your options. We are experts at collaborating with clients to create unique architectural solutions. 
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