K A Oldham Design, Inc.
is a studio based, aggressive and talented firm. Fewer levels of hierarchy resultĀ in a shorter chain of decision making, direct contact with those that are capable of the quality of work expected and greater dedication to serving the project. Contact encourages significant interactivity between architects, engineers and contractors with direct knowledge of the inner workings of the project. Our cooperation promotes beneficial communication and collaboration. Our projects thrive in a team environment and our history of success shows that this is a truly effective approach.


Since its inception, KAOD has been fortunate to participate in widely varying projects that have had positive impacts on the surrounding community as well as provided exposure throughout the Southeast. The company has grown steadily in staff and revenue. KAOD now consists of a very technically proficient and creatively talented staff that takes pride in the contributing value to the projects in which we participate
and providing superior service to our clients.f08d39_392ed72ccef747149398523486dc3988